Your fantasy smartphone feature

Your fantasy smartphone feature

Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona on February 25-28 showcased the new mobile horizon. In this event, CNN had asked two important stakeholders of mobile industry: the producers and users about their fantasy smartphone feature in future smartphone. I think this is very interesting because it’s the important step in marketing research to get primary data of customer needs. Let discuss their point of views and I would like to share my own view of future smartphone features.
Some mobile producers give their opinion about future features that they wish. Sthephen Elop - CEO of Nokia - says that smartphone must be able to moving around user’s experience, Greg Sullivan - Senior Product Manager Windows’s phone – wish the integration of global technology with other technologies in our lives so you don’t have to become system integrator to have that,  Mitcher Baker - CEO Mozilla – mention about how smartphone utilize internet, from Foursquare mention about standardize in map, from PayPal about digital shopping and  from Blackberry mention about engagements with mobile community. On the other hand, users wish some features such as battery life, download food from internet features, smartphone that can pay its own bill, advanced personal assistant, smartphone that can control car, high definition of video conference, and 3D view of smartphone content.

In my view for future mobile, I want a smartphone that I can use wherever and whenever I want to use it. In my imagination is like combination of wearable technology, embedded technology and 3D technology. For main device, I will wear it as smart wrist watch and then this smart device will be connected with smart chip beside my left and right eyes. The chip must built on highly safety device which include some technologies in it such as RFID, NFC enabled device, high definition 3D hologram video, and super sensitive microphone. So whenever I want to use my smartphone, I will use my voice as primary command features and if I want to type anything I just say virtual keyboard and then 3D hologram keyboard shows which I can easily type. That’s my wish of future smartphone.

What is yours? Let’s discuss and share your wish and fantasy of future smartphone…



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