Will mobile kill digital advertising?

There are now more than 1 billion smartphone around the world. The growth of mobile computing devices such as tablet, smart devices, wearable device have positive trend. Those conditions make some people thought that mobile advertising such as in smartphone, tablets, e-book reader will kill digital advertising.

In my opinion, there will be long road before that condition happen. Mobile advertising nowadays is just as a thread of digital advertising, since total revenue of mobile advertising only about 20% of total advertising. On the other hand, the nature of mobile device such as smartphone is relatively has limited circumstances. For example there are limited pixels in smartphone; inconsistency outlook and user’s experience between devices which makes it really difficult for advertiser to ensure their ads will deliver the same message.

I remember the era when first time Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) introduced in mobile devices, on that time I thought the mobile commerce will be booming. However, generally there was no booming for mobile commerce or mobile services on that time. In my views nowadays condition not really different with that time. So, with that kind of condition, I believe mobile advertising will not kill digital advertising, at least for near future.



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